Return procedure

In case of a return request (RMA), please contact your representative directly, who will provide you with an RMA number.

To ensure an efficient and quick return process, we wish to inform our esteemed customers that it is necessary to carry out some preliminary operations before returning the device to our warehouse.

Before shipping the device, we kindly ask you to perform a complete data reset inside it and to delete all related accounts. This step is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Privacy Protection: By deleting your personal data and associated accounts, you help protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

  2. Return Processing: A device that has been reset and is free of personal data allows us to process your return efficiently and securely, ensuring accurate management of your requests. A device that has not been reset cannot be handled by us and will be returned to the sender.

Once the reset and account deletion have been completed, please package the device securely and include any accessories.

The return must be shipped to the address of our warehouse. We remind you that the warranty does not cover any accidental damages or damages caused by the customer, including liquid damage.

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